Hasn’t the website already been released? Well, it’s been in a beta state for a good while now, but I want to celebrate a 1.0 release, so I’m going to finish the following tasks before I do that:

  • Webp format for images with 500px limit for height and width, clicking on an image brings up a modal with the original full-size image
  • Move original images to db2 so they don’t count against my R2 10GB free tier
  • Add dedicated volume pages with nice SEO/Social tags
  • Add SEO/Social tags for other pages
  • Weekly release email
  • Need to wait for session to load on many pages
  • Flag big series so their releases can be highlighted on the weekly release email/calendar
  • Convert amazon links to affiliate links so I can get access to the API

Webp format - DONE

Webp is way more efficient in size than png or jpg and since it’s supported by the major browsers it’s time to use it. The thumbnails are already in webp format, but the full-size images were kept as the original format. I’m going to convert them to webp and add a 500px limit to the height and width of the image. This will make the images load faster and take up less space on the server. I’ll still keep around the original images on the same server as the preview site’s images, since I have like 40GB of space there.

I still need to add the modal to view the full-size image, but that’s just a time thing.

Dedicated Volume Pages - IN PROGRESS

Currently, a volume link is a series link with the volumes filtered to a single volume. That was quick to implement, but not great otherwise. I’ll build a dedicated volume page that will have a nice SEO/Social tag with the volume’s title and number. It will also not start with a big section on the series.

Weekly Release Email

So there can be a bunch of different releases in a week, so I put this off for a while. I’ll go through and mark the significant series so people aren’t scrolling through a bunch of BL releases to find the new chapter of their favorite series. It will go Followed Series, then Big Series, then the rest of the releases.

Session loading - DONE

So, there are certain pages that need to have a user session so they can display. If you go right to those pages in a new tab, the session hasn’t loaded yet, so you get redirected to the login page. I’ll need to add some sort of logic to not redirect if the session is being loaded.

I had to add new functionality to the router and store to handle this. It wasn’t very hard, though I did mess up a few times before I got all the bugs out. I’m too used to Go, where if I forget to return a value or have code that won’t be reached, the compiler will yell at me. Typescript is more forgiving.

Amazon Data - IN PROGRESS

I ran the numbers, and I can get data for all the volumes through Rainforest API for around fifty bucks. Eventually, I’ll get access to the Amazon Product Advertising API, but I can get a lot of useful data from that fifty. More than I can take advantage of for the moment, but I’ll save everything until then.